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A couple of weeks ago, I visited my friends’ farm and met this ornery little guy. As we were moving fences to rotate the cattle pasture, he ventured from the herd, losing himself among the field of fescue. While he seemed to find a thrill in the great escape, he didn’t quite have the confidence to back up his actions, threatening to run back to his mama as I crept close for a photo.

Our brief encounter made me smile, and I couldn’t help but take away a lesson, as is often the case when I spend time with the other creatures of this Earth. Like the calf, we find ourselves in situations where we can break our comfort barriers—and we should go for it! It can be a small risk, like planting a new variety of snap pea, or something a bit larger. (Remember when you bought the farm?)

Taking that first step across the line can be scary. Sometimes our attempts at new things fail, leaving us red-faced or hurt. But when it does work out, trying something new and taking chances leads to beautiful rewards. All too often I find myself dwelling in the fear of “what if,” dooming myself to disaster before I even make the choice to move forward. Leave it to a calf to remind me that taking chances can be totally worth it.

When was a time you found yourself taking a risk, either on your farm or in another part of life? What was the outcome? Share your story below.

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