How to Bake Margarita Cookies :)

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Add butter,shortening, eggs, sugar, and vanilla.

Mix it like a bitch!

Add flour and crack.. I mean baking powder...

Stir it... Then when you get lazy mix it..

Should look like cookie dough... :O crazy eh?

Get some wax paper..

Fondle it cause is been naughty.. It's been a naughty naughty piece of dough!

Put it in a condom (wax paper) and put it in the fridge for aboot an hour..

Put sugar in a bowl.. And zest a lime on top..

Put the salt on top

And fondle it! Everything needs to be fondled..

Add some purty sugar if you want.

Like this stuff..

Preheat oven to 400° and bake for about 6-8 minutes..

Take your stabbing knife that you cleaned this morning and cut that dough! Like a boss..

About that thick

Throw it in the party sugar

And throw that little ho down!

Finished product...


Where's the alcohol you may be asking? I dip mine in Malibu rum, but you can dip them in what ever you please!

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