How to Use WiFi Sync for iTunes

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NoteThe iOS device has to have already been synced to iTunes using the included cable before WiFi Sync can be used.

NotePlug your iOS device into your charger or separate USB power source BEFORE you launch iTunes. Otherwise, iTunes may not recognize your device, and vice versa.

NoteIf you do not have an iOS 5 compatible device, this guide is not for you. If you do not have a separate iOS device charger or USB Power Source(e.g. Wii), then this guide is not for you.

Plug your iOS device into a charger or USB power source.

Go to the "General" tab.

Go to the "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync" tab.

Press the "Sync Now" tab. The "Sync Now" tab will be in a black font when iTunes launches.

You have now learned how to start iTunes WiFi Sync.

Watch the video: Settings. iTunes Wi Fi Sync

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