How to Check Your Engine Oil

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Be sure the engine is cold (or has been off for at least ten minutes) before you check the oil.

Firstly, open your bonnet!

Locate your dipstick :)

Pull out the dipstick!

Wipe the stick clean using either a tissue or a cloth.

Check to see if its clean ;)

Insert the dipstick back in, If the dipstick gets stuck on the way in, turn it around. The pipe it fits into is curved, and the metal stick bends naturally in the direction of the curve.

Pull the dipstick out again and look at the film of oil on the end of the stick.

Check if more oil is needed. In this case the oil level is full but if only the bottom 2/3 levels had oil you should add more! Some dipsticks have indicator levels to when oil needs to be added.

Oil turns black pretty quickly, but that doesn’t affect the quality. Rub a little between your thumb and index finger, and if it leaves a dirty smudge, it probably needs a change

Look for a screw-off cap on top of the largest part of the engine. It could be blank or labeled Oil Cap, and it might even indicate which oil you ought to be using. Unscrew and add oil as needed.

Put the dipstick back into the pipe. You’re done!

Watch the video: Lubricheck Oil Tester Demo: How to Test Your Engine Oil, Instantly!

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