How to Make an iPod Dock

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Find your iPod box, it's the most important object to do this. You just need a half of it.

On that half of the box, draw a rectangle in the center and cut it. It must be enough big as the dock adapter, to fit it there.

Make a cardboard covering or something like that, it just has to look good.

Drill a small part on the back side of the dock for the USB cable.

Insert the USB cable through the dock adaptor.

Make sure this is on the correct side.

We'll be glueing this. Make sure you can connect the iPod on the other side, so it must be in the middle.

Glue both parts with any strong glue or whatever.

Place the glued parts on the dock. Make sure that fits correctly.

Glue both parts with some strong glue. Make sure the glue does not come out or it'll be ugly ;)

On the back side, tie a knot with the cable.

Like that, and put some tape.

This is how it looks.

And with the iPod connected.

From behind.

Hope you like it! Any questions, ask. And if there is any english mistake, please, let me know and I'll correct, it's not my main language!

Share it if you liked! If you made yours and want to share it with others, send me a DM and I'll add your picture to the guide :)

Made by a follower :) As she said to me, "I put a strip of patterned paper on the side and put stick on flags on the top. I use it to charge my iphone!" Thanks ;)

Another dock made by a Snapguide user! Thanks!

Another example! Thanks!

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