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Poker has many families of variationsStraight (e.g. 3-card brag), Stud Poker (e.g. 7-card stud), Draw Poker (e.g. 5-card draw), Community Card Poker (e.g. Texas Hold'em).

In this tutorial you'll learn how to play 5-card Draw. First of allBecome familiar with poker hand rankings (print this image), because the player who wins is the player with the highest-value hand.

The common currency used on poker games is "Chips". It is used to represent money. You may use anything you like. You will bet using this, placing your bet in the middle of the tablethe "pot".

BeginningEvery player on the table post an "ante"a forced bet required in which all players put an equal amount of money chips (usually the smallest value) into the "pot" before the deal begins.

The dealer shuffles and distribute the cards face down starting with the player to his left and continuing clockwise. One card at a time, until everyone has 5 cards. (See Step 14 for optional rules)

When you look at your cards, try not to tell how strong or how poor your hand are. Keep your "Poker Face"! A hat, headphones and sunglasses will take care of masking your facial tells.

First Betting RoundThe first player is usually the player who was dealt the first card. He/she can "bet" (place the first bet of any value) or "check" (pass the decision onto next player).

Once the "pot" is opened, all players have 2 options"Call"stay in the game by putting the equivalent amount in the "pot". "Fold"quit the game by putting your cards face down on the table.

After everyone plays, who still has a turn will have this additional option"Raise"put more than the last player put in the pot. If someone "raises", then everyone must "call" or "fold".

Draw FaseOnce everyone had a turn (even if all "checked"), all players may replace up to 3 cards with new ones from the remaining deck. This is done in turns again. Choose wisely!

Second Betting RoundAs before, the players can either "bet" or "check", until someone places the first bet, after which players can "call", "raise" or "fold". In this phase, "fold" is more common.

Showdownif more than one player remains after the second betting round, remaining players expose and compare their hands to determine the winner or winners. And the winner takes the "pot"!!

The player who was dealt the first card is the new dealer, and all begins againall post an ante, deal cards, then first betting round, next the draw, then second betting round and the showdown.

Optional RulesBlind betalong (or not) with an "ante", one or more players may post a bet before the deal begins. The most common is the 2-blind structureSmall Blind and Big blind.

The first player to the dealer's left posts a Small Blind (e.g. same value of an ante) and the next player in turn posts a Big Blind (e.g. 2 times an ante).

After cards are dealt, play begins with third player from dealer, who must either "call" the Big Blind, "raise" or "fold". When the betting returns to the Small Blind player, he must equal the bet too

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