How to Make Meat in Its Juices (Carne en Su Jugo)

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Gather ingredients

Cook beef until it's tender

Chop bacon into small pieces and cook in a nonstick pan until well done (not too crispy)

Peel the green tomatoes; cut them in half. Blend well.

Once meat is ready add the sauce. Make sure you use a colander so the seeds don't end up in your meat.

Add bacon to the meat and sauce

Chop onions and remove the first layer. Cook the onion in the bacon fat until nice and tender. Once ready you can strain them for a bit. The quality of onions is optional

Add cooked onions to the meat, bacon and sauce

Fry some tortillas in the bacon fat and drain them for a bit.

Once everything boils it's ready to serve

Eat it with rolled up tortillas

Some people add boiled beans (frijoles de la hoya) also, it really up to you.

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