How to Teach Your Dog to Act Ashamed

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Using a chair that has a cushion attached get you dogs attention and show him a treat. Place the treat under the front edge of the cushion and encourage him/her to take it .

As your dog gets better at putting it's head under the cushion, begin using the cue "are you ashamed." Be sure to give the reward when the dogs head is under the cushion.

Move the treat farther back under the cushion while repeating the cue. Hold the treat and tell your dog to wait before giving the reward.

When your dog is reliable with the cue and with putting it's head under the cushion give the command with no treat. When your dog sticks it's nose under the cushion put a treat in the back of chair.

Give your dog the treat under the cushion and repeat the process until your dog hides it's head on cue. It is important to only reward when your dog's head is under the cushion

Let's take a look at the process.

Bubba is still in the process of learning this trick. We will be working in different locations, with bigger cushions and blankets. We will also work on duration.

Go ahead and try this trick. And as always, take Bubba's advise and have fun.

Watch the video: Dog Trick Tutorial: Cover your eyes!!

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