How to Make a Gratitude Board

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Iron your fabric. I chose to use an old duvet cover that I no longer want for the bedroom. A large flat sheet would be another way to get a large seamless piece of fabric, if you make a large board.

I chose a neutral color because it will be covered with notecards (and pictures?) eventually. To iron cotton, add water to your iron and use the hottest steam setting.

Here is my piece of sound insulation board. It comes as a 4x8' piece for $10. Home Depot will cut it twice for free, $0.25 each extra cut. I am making one large board. You could make several as gifts.

Lay out the board on your floor, table, or bed and press down any scratched up areas so the surface will be relatively even.

Like I said, relatively even. You don't need to get out the sandpaper.

Lay out the fabric on top of the board however you think looks best. Since mine is a pattern, I wanted it to be straight.

Put a pin or two every so often along the edges (or a thumbtack) to hold the fabric in place when you do the next stepsecuring it to the back.

I pushed the pins in diagonally so they would not stick up much when I turn the board over.

Make sure you pull the fabric tight as you go along pinning.

Pinned all the way around the edges

Flip it over. I put the painted lettering side on the back so it would not show through the fabric.

Duct tape the excess fabric to the back, pulling tight as you go. Do one side, fold a corner, another side, etc all around. I'll explain how to do neat corners.

Add some staples from a staple gun for extra hold, or you could skip the duct tape and just do it this way first. Duct tape is easier to reposition.

Start your corner like this.

Finishing a corner. You can probably get it tighter and neater than this, for the video I had to use just one hand.

It's not the prettiest thing on the back, but the front will look nice and tight.

Here's that corner on the front side. The edges of my board were slightly dented/rounded so you might get yours to look more square. :)

Completed back. Don't worry too much about what it looks like, because we're going to screw it directly to the wall.

Flip over and take out all the pins. Yay! Almost done.

Screw it to the wall right through all the layers. My husband used a ratcheting screwdriver, but you could use a regular screwdriver or a drill fitted with a screwdriver bit. We used 2" long screws.


Add a sign to your board if you want, as a title to your notes. Mine says "thanks" and is made of 14 gauge picture-hanging wire attached with the staple gun.


Make some special cards to use with the board if you want. I think it will encourage us to use it.


Start pinning things you're thankful for!


Over time, the board will fill up. By practicing intentional gratitude, you'll see that God loves you and you are very blessed! "We love Him because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19 NKJV)

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