How to Coil Your Earbuds

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Hold the two earbuds against your fingers. Depending on the size, shape and parts (readmicrophone) of your earbuds, you may want to start at different points.

If you have a mic, plug, or volume controls, here's where your starting point matters! You want these long pieces to lay flat. Mine work best if I hold the gray cylinders along my middle finger.

Spread fingers slightly, and continue wrapping cord. (I used 3 fingers to be more compact, but 4 would make for fewer wraps. Less loops = Less tangles!)

Leave some excess for the finish. Bring the plug over, around, and out under the index finger.

Now bring the plug across and over all the loops, and come through the space you created earlier between your fingers.

Pull the plug through to the back.

Bring the plug across the loops on the back and bring it back under your index finger.

Push the plug through the space under the vertical loops and above the horizontal loop.

Take the entire coil off your hand and if all went well, it should look something like this.

Better shot of the same step maybe?

Now just pull the plug to cinch it up!

When putting the coil in your pocket, you can leave the plug hanging out for quick and easy access.

Lightning-fast audio accessibility! Now with less tangle-hassle!

Watch the video: Headphone Speaker Coil Repair

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