How to Make Onsen Egg

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You will need a deep pot here

And anything around the house u can find so the eggs don't touch the bottom of the pot Here I use small sauce bowl and sift

You will need a thermometer of some sort that let u check the water temp

Check water them

Here are the egg I use organic so there r small weigh at 50g per egg we gonna cook them at 65c or 149f for best result at 55 mins

Remember of ur egg are bigger u can bring the them from 65c or 149f up to 75c or 167f depends on ur egg size

Here is what the pot now look like place ur egg there make sure the water cover ur egg

Here are the eggs depends how u like them but about 50-55 is perfect I think

Onsen egg normally serve with dashi sauce the easiest way to make this is get soya sauce sugar and bonito flake boil them Together reduce down and pour it over ur egg they can be serve cold or warm :)

There u have it top them With seaweed and a bit of sesame seeds and enjoy

U also can have them On rice or pasta or pizza anything u can imagine its taste great and the texture is awesome I will be putting them on top of my sukiyaki rice tmr check in again if u wanna see ;)

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