How to Make Strawberry-Rubarb Jam

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1 kg strawberry from the freezer, no heat

1 kg sugar on top, no heat at this point

Fresh rubarb, rinse and cut to the same size as strawberry

By now the sugar has started to drain some juice from the strawberrys

Just add the rubarb and turn on heat, on the lowest setting

Stir a litle, and bring to boil.

You are only going to use the juice of the lemon, if your lemon are organic save the peel in the freezer for an other day. If not organic DONT USE THE PEEL

Naked lemon beeing squeezed

Sterilise your jars with alcohol

Boil the jam for 4-5 minutes add pectin if you dont like your jam to escape from your bread. Remove foam if you want to.

Divide juice and fruit evenly in your jars

Screw lid on tightly while still hot. Lable and enjoy

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